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      100-160 mm

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      100-150 mm

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Zeelool Full Frame Glasses Online

What are full frame glasses?

Full-frame glasses (also known as full-rim glasses) are metal, acetate, or plastic frames that completely surround the lenses.
Advantages of full-rim glasses compared to half-rim and rimless glasses:
1. Better durability Full-rim glasses are stronger and less likely to break than half-rim and rimless glasses, because they completely cover the lens perimeter, help to evenly distribute any force or impact throughout the frame, suitable for people who like sports. 2. Better protection Full-frame eyeglasses provide better protection for the lens, and prevent scratches, chips, or cracks because the whole frame surrounds the lenses. They also provide better protection against debris or foreign objects that may enter the eye. 3. More styles Full-frame glasses can use a variety of materials and be designed in various styles and offers a wider selection of frames than half frame glasses and rimless glasses. 4. More functionality Full-rim eyeglass frames can accommodate a variety of prescription lenses, including thick lenses with high numbers, bifocal lenses, and progressive lenses, making it a good choice for people with more complex vision needs. 5. The comfort is also good Full-frame spectacles can also provide a secure and comfortable facial fit because the frame is designed to distribute weight evenly over the nose and ears, full-frame glasses give people a more stable feeling.