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Zeelool Stylish Glasses Frames for Women

What's trending in women's glasses?

1. Cat-eye glasses frame The cat-eye glasses frame is somewhere between playful and refined. Geometric shapes and unique color combinations are exciting, cat-eye glasses are suitable for almost any face shape. Highlight the high points of the face, creating a naturally chiseled look. Cat-eye glasses are one of the must-have accessories for women's wardrobes. 2. Geometric glasses wire-frame Wire-frames have always been loved for being fun and different. Geometric glasses usually have 4 or more sides around the lens, such as hexagonal, octagonal, and geometric styles with fashion-forward elements becoming the focus, showing women's style of pursuing unique personalities and interpreting themselves. These wire frame glasses are suitable for low prescriptions to wear or those who only need blue light protection. 3. Oversized square glasses frame The oversized square frame in the 70s adopts a retro style with super large proportions and thick frames, which provide enough coverage area and support thicker lenses, those who wear oversized square glasses are a portrayal of fashion and hard work. 4. Round glasses frame Round frame glasses is designed to be completely round and have no right or straight corners on the frame, giving people a youthful and approachable feeling. Round glasses frame with a low-key style helps to soften the angular features. The round frame glasses are often best for diamond-shaped faces, oval faces, and heart-shaped faces, the outline of the frame highlights the natural curve of this face shape, which is different. 5. Crystal glasses frame These crystal clear acetate frames are crafted in pastel washes, which can elevate any look and exude a relaxed, laid-back vibe. Crystal transparent frames are one of the top trends for men and women this upcoming season, soft neutrals and pastels have been steadily increasing in demand. Remember to wear it with light shades of clothes. 6. Tortoise shell glasses frame Tortoiseshell glasses frames with a tortoiseshell pattern are a good choice for women, because they are extremely versatile in design, and fit any fashion style the wearer wants, without losing their unique charm. 7. Wire glasses frame Wire eyeglass frames are made of thin and light metal material, vintage and versatile, it adds a classic touch to the wearer's face, is a good option for those who want a low profile. 8. Eco-specs glasses frame Eco-specs glasses and eco-friendly sunglasses made of 95% recycled materials and biodegradable materials meet people's needs for sustainable living, sustainable, safe, and natural. Environmentally friendly glasses frames with many trendy styles and colors are favored by more women.

How to choose women's eyeglass frames?

When you choose glasses frames for women, you can choose from three aspects: According to your face shape, your skin tone, and your lifestyle, ensure that the selected glasses frames are suitable for you.

1. Choose glasses frames according to your face shape:

a. Round-shaped face Square or rectangular full-rim or half-rim glasses are more suitable for women with round faces, making face look slimmer and round features more balanced. b. Oval-shaped face Geometric glasses frames are suitable for women with oval faces, which are wider than the widest part of the face and have a geometric shape, avoiding oversized frames. c. Square-shaped face Oval or round frame glasses are more suitable for women with square face, which can balance the edges and corners of a square face and make it look thinner. d. Diamond-shaped face Cat-eye or oval-frame glasses are more suitable for diamond-shaped faces, and the cat-eye frame is wider than the cheekbones, which can accentuate a narrow forehead and chin. e. Heart-shaped face Round glasses or square glasses with curved rims are ideal for women with heart-shaped faces, frames that help balance the width of the forehead and the narrowness of the chin, and take the focus away from your wide, high forehead. f. Triangle-shaped face Aviator glasses are more suitable for women with triangle faces. Triangular faces are wide at the base and narrowest at the forehead. The curved shape of the aviator frames softens the cheekbones, and has a wider top and a narrower bottom. g. Rectangular-shaped face Square thick-rimmed glasses, two-tone glasses, and aviator glasses are all suitable for women with rectangular faces. They help complement the narrow features that a rectangular face has, giving you a more balanced look.

2. Choose stylish frames glasses according to your skin tone:

a. Warm skin tone If your skin is bronze, yellow, or golden, so your skin tone is warm, choose a frame color that is close to your skin tones, such as light tortoise, brown, beige, gold, honey, or olive green frame, stay away from contrasting colors such as pastels, white, and black frames. b. Cool tones If your skin has pink or blue undertones, so you have a cool tone. Choose from skin-friendly colors such as silver, black, pink, purple, blue, fuchsia, and gray frames. c. Neutral tones If you have neutral skin, choose frames in shades of yellow and blue that match your skin.

3. Choose frames according to your lifestyle:

1. For active occasions, athletes, or engaged in labor-intensive industries, you can choose a sturdy and durable frame to keep it from deforming during daily activities. 2. For the eyeglasses worn in business meetings, you can choose fashionable frames with various angles. 3. Sunglasses for beach holidays can choose soft and colorful frames to set off the relaxed atmosphere.