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Zeelool Round Frame Glasses Online

What are round eyeglasses?

Round eyeglasses are a style of eyeglass frames that have lenses that are circular or round shape. This style is often associated with a classic or vintage look, harking back to styles that were popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Notable figures such as John Lennon, Harry Potter, and Mahatma Gandhi are often associated with round eyeglasses.

What face shape suits round eyeglasses?

Round-frame glasses are especially suitable for people with square and diamond faces because the easing curve of round eyewear can help balance the edges and corners of a square or prismatic face, creating softer facial features. Round eyeglasses are also suitable for oval faces, but the selected frame should not be too big or too small relative to the face ratio. People with round faces try to avoid wearing circle glasses frames because they will accentuate the roundness of the face more, but if you like it very much, it's okay. In addition, round frames for glasses are suitable for all kinds of face shapes., you can try on several frames with different frame shapes to find the one you are most satisfied with.

When were round frame glasses popular?

Round glasses first became popular in the 1920s, intellectuals and artists at the time wore small, wire-frame round glasses. Round frame eyeglasses were most famously popular during the 1960s and 70s, at that time, round shape glasses were part of the hippie counterculture movement, the movement sees round glasses as a sign of individuality and nonconformity, John Lennon was known for wearing round-rimmed glasses. In recent years, round spectacles have been fashioned by many brands and designers, and re-worn by people of all ages and backgrounds. In addition, round spectacle frames are available in various materials, colors, and sizes to suit the needs of different people.

Are round glasses in style?

Yes, round eyeglass frames are one of the mainstream glasses styles in the market. It is with a sense of retro fashion design, round styles cover small and simple round wireframes, to larger wireframes and bolder colors, celebrities and fashionistas in the fashion industry have also promoted the popularity of round glasses as an accessory.
Are round glasses good for square faces?
Yes, round glasses are suitable for people with square faces. People with square faces typically have broad foreheads, straight cheekbones, and a strong jawline, which create an angular look. Round glasses can soften the angular features of the face by adding softness and curves. Round glasses are a great option for people with square faces, as they help soften the angular features of the face. Plus, large round frames help balance out the width of a square face, while thinner frames can add subtle curves; A darker round frame or one with a bold pattern can also help draw attention away from the angle of the face and onto the eyes.
Do round glasses look good on oval faces?
The oval face is considered to be suitable for wearing various eyeglass frame styles because they tend to be well-proportioned and balanced, they fit a wide variety of frame styles. If you have a small oval face, choose a small or medium size round frame, and if you have a large oval face, choose a larger round frame. A completely round designer glasses frame can add length to an oval face, and cat-eye shapes, or round glasses with subtle curves can help add definition to an oval face.

How to wear round glasses men?

Round frame glasses are more suitable for sharp-edged men's faces, such as square faces, triangular faces, and rectangular faces. 1. Round frame size Smaller or medium size round frames are suitable for men with smaller faces, and larger frames are suitable for men with larger faces, allowing the glasses to fit perfectly on the face. 2. The color of the round frame If you want to keep it low-key and simple, go for black round frames, and if you want to experiment with other colors, tortoiseshell is a good choice. If you want to be bold, go for round frames in bright colors or colorful patterns. 3. Clothing selection If you wear black round glasses, you can choose simple style clothing; If you are wearing tortoiseshell round-frame glasses, you can choose casual and fresh clothing; If you're wearing round wire glasses, go for vintage-inspired clothing. Of course, as long as you like, you can match it in any way, as long as you are happy and confident. 4. Spectacle details Small details like frame thickness, bridge shape, and hinge placement can all affect how circular eyeglasses look on your face. So take some time to pick. The rounded frames soften sharp features and balance the shape of the wearer's face. Zeelool Optical provides a vast selection of stylish and best round frame glasses and circle eyeglasses with non-prescription or prescription online, if you need, you can choose your favorite from various fashion round shape frame styles, including round gold frames glasses, round browline spectacles, circular frame glasses, and round sunglasses for men and men. Hot Categories: Eyeglasses, Women glasses, Men glasses, Cat eye glasses, Black frame glasses, Crystal eyeglasses, Floral eyeglasses