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Zeelool Spring Hinge Frame Glasses Online

What are spring hinges glasses?

The spring hinge glasses are designed with spring hinges, the arms become very flexible, and there is a subtle bend at the frame joint from the front to the side, allowing you to have a comfortable wearing experience. Glasses with spring-hinged eyeglasses allow the temples to bend over 90 degrees without breaking, making them more flexible and easier to adjust than standard-hinged glasses. The flexible eyeglass frame can fit the face softly, with flexibility, it is more suitable for active people, such as running and jumping, and it is not easy to fall off and break. If you're looking for a more comfortable fit, consider spring hinge eyeglasses at Zeelool Optical.

The benefits of eyeglasses with spring hinges:

1. Durability: The added flexibility of the spring hinge glasses helps reduce stress on the frame and reduces the possibility of cracking or damage due to pressure. 2. Comfort: The slight flex of the spring hinges reduces pressure points around the ears and bridge of the nose, reducing fatigue from long-term wear. 3. Improved fit: Flexible glasses frames online improve the overall fit of the glasses by providing firmer support and fit that stays in place during activities. 4. Various styles: Spring hinge glasses are available in a variety of frame styles such as cat eye, butterfly, round, square, and geometric frame styles to suit most different fashion preferences. 5. Easy to wear: Spring hinges make it easier to put your glasses on and off without having to adjust the fit every time.

How to adjust spring hinges on glasses?

1. Determine which temple of the eyeglass frames with spring hinges needs adjustment. 2. Hold the glasses with one hand and with the other hand gently bend the temples inward, towards the frame. 3. If the temples are too tight, use pliers or a screwdriver to gently stretch the spring hinges outward. Be careful not to stretch the hinge too much, as this may damage the glasses. 4. If necessary, repeat the process on the other spring hinge of the glasses. 5. Put on the adjusted spring hinge glasses to feel if they are secure and comfortable, if not, readjust it. If you're not sure how to adjust a spring hinge by yourself, it's best to take your glasses to an optician or eyewear professional for free help.

How to tighten spring hinge glasses?

1. Determine which temple of the glasses needs to be tightened 2. Locate the small screw on the inside of the hinged temples, you can tighten the temples by tightening it 3. Using a small screwdriver, turn the screwdriver clockwise to tighten the screw slightly. Be careful not to overtighten the screws as this could damage the hinge Follow the steps above and the spring hinge glasses are screwed on, repeat the process on the other temple of the glasses if necessary. If you are worried that your adjustment is not good, you can take your glasses to the optical shop where you bought the glasses. An optician or an optical professional will adjust the glasses for you for free, including tightening them.