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      100-160 mm

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      100-150 mm

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Zeelool New Frame Glasses Online

What are the new trends in glasses?

It's time to buy trendy new eyewear again. Faced with the birth of new styles of frame glasses every year, have you chosen well? Zeelool provides several new styles of glasses frames for your reference: 1. Cat eye glasses The style of cat eye frame glasses is very popular among women. It has a sexy and cute style, and can also create a sense of wisdom and mystery. The cat's eye angle properly highlights facial features and increases the richness of the shape, suitable for any face shape. A must-have eyewear style for ladies. 2. Retro Geometric Glasses The geometric retro frame glasses from the 70s are especially popular with people with round face shapes, including rectangular, oval, and square retro frames. Because the angles in the frame add dimension and interest, go with a bolder color such as a tortoise color. Vintage geometric glasses will go with almost everything in your wardrobe. 3. Oversized round glasses The round frame eyeglasses with over-size suit women, men, kids, and old people, which can balance out angular faces and enhance ordinary features. Round-frame glasses are also suitable for prescriptions with high numbers. However, people with small faces should avoid oversized glasses, as pupil displacement can become more pronounced. 4. Eco Specs frame glasses Eco-Specs glasses frames are made of environmentally friendly materials. Sustainable living is the life concept of more and more people in the contemporary era. Eco-friendly frame glasses will also be loved and purchased by more people. 5. Metal wire-frame glasses Harry Potter glasses are metal wire frame glasses, gentle, minimalist illusion, also known as nerd glasses. Wire glasses are also extremely lightweight, durable, and flexible. Metal frames work well for thin lenses or low prescriptions.

How long to adjust to new glasses?

1. If you are not wearing new eyeglasses for the first time, and the changes in the prescription of the new glasses and the size of the new frame are relatively small, you may get used to them within two days. 2. If you are wearing glasses for the first time, it may take more than a week for your eyes to adapt to the changes. 3. If you are prescription glasses, the prescription has changed a lot, such as a higher, astigmatism correction, or a new change in the size of the frame, you may need a few days or even a week to adapt to the new prescription glasses. 4. If you are trying progressive glasses for the first time, you may also experience a longer adjustment period related to the peripheral soft focus zone, although the prescription is the same. 5. People with astigmatism need a few days to two weeks to adjust to new trendy glasses. 6. Reading glasses take up to 3 to 4 days to adjust to new eyeglasses. Tip: If you're still uncomfortable after wearing your new glasses for 3-4 weeks, it's best to contact your optician to determine the next steps. Or request a free 30-day return online from where you buy.

How to help eyes adjust to new glasses?

1. Check the prescription to ensure that the prescription is correct. 2. Insist on wearing glasses during the day, try to only wear new stylish glasses for 2-3 hours a day, and then wear them slowly throughout the day to reduce headaches, fatigue, and other symptoms caused by wearing new glasses. 3. Do not switch back and forth between wearing a new spectacles frame and an old glasses frame, let the eyes adapt to the new glasses as soon as possible. 4. If you often work at close range, please let your eyes rest for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. 5. Keep your glasses clean. Trying to see through dirt and smudges can make adjustments more difficult.