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Zeelool Ultra-light Frame Glasses Online

What does ultra-light frame glasses?

UltraLight glasses (also known as lightweight glasses) are glasses that are made of titanium or carbon fiber materials and thin lenses with a high refractive index. The glasses weigh significantly less than regular eyeglasses, weight only 10g - 14g.

The benefits of lightweight frame glasses

1. Higher comfort The overall weight of the ultra-light frame glasses has reduced the pressure on the bridge of the nose and ears. It can reduce the discomfort and fatigue of long-term wear. 2. Higher flexibility These lightweight eyeglasses are more flexible, the frame is soft and slender, reducing head pressure, and the frame legs can be bent and twisted without breaking. 3. Style fashion There are many fashion styles and colors to choose from in ultra-light eyeglass frames. including cat eyes, oval, square, aviator, and round frames. Due to its fresh and classic colors, light glasses make the wearer look very cute and fashionable. 4. Low allergy Titanium is the most commonly used material for the lightest glasses frames, It has low allergies and is an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin. 5. More durable Materials used in ultra light eyeglasses such as titanium, carbon fiber, and high-tech materials, It is usually very strong and durable, so it is not easy to break or damage. In general, ultra-light frame glasses have durability, comfort, and fashion. They are popular choices for people with high quality and high comfort. Our ultra lightweight glasses frames are made from premium material and a glossy finish, prescription glasses are under 14 g with super lightweight. solid and lifelong time, stylish and comfortable one day. You don't feel tired even if you wear them for a long time. You don't feel them on your face sometimes. Shop stylish ultralight frame glasses at Zeelool to show your youth and fashion now! Hot Categories: Prescription glasses, Women eyeglasses, Men eyeglasses, Cat eye frame glasses, Black frames glasses, Crystal frames glasses, Floral frames glasses