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Zeelool Rectangle Frame Glasses Online

Zeelool rectangle frame glasses from trendy to classic styles, and rectangle prescription glasses in black, gold, red, clear, pink, and blue colors, thin and thick, wide and narrow frames for men and women to choose from, and rectangle sunglasses with acetate material are selling.

What are rectangle glasses called?

The rectangle frame glasses have straight lines and rounded corners. The width of the lenses is larger than the height, known as the simple style, the rectangle frames with simple and generous is a timeless and eternal, suitable for women and men to wear on any occasion. The square glasses are a variant of rectangle shape glasses, that have a more uniform ratio and softer curves.

Are rectangle glasses in style?

The rectangle shape eyeglass frames are a classic style for several decades, offering a fashionable, modern look that also has a simple style and remains popular today. Rectangle fashion glasses suit people with round faces, oval faces, and heart-shaped faces, the frame with an angular border adds sharpness to round faces and elongates them.

What do rectangle glasses do for eyes?

Rectangle eyewear can complement the natural angles of the face to achieve aesthetic goals. The rectangular shape of the frame can help balance facial features, especially if someone has softer or more rounded features. If you have vision problems with your eyes, rectangle prescription glasses can also correct vision problems such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays when fitted with the proper lens coating.

What do rectangle glasses do to the face?

The angles and straight lines of frame glasses can give structure and contour to the face, making the face appear more angular and well-defined. This is especially beneficial for people who feel their face is less defined or has a softer appearance, especially for people with rounder or softer facial features. In addition, the influence of rectangular glasses on the human face will vary depending on factors such as the thickness, size, and color of the frame, and the shape and color of the lens.

What shape of face are rectangular glasses suitable for?

Round faces, oval faces, triangle faces, and diamond faces are most suitable for rectangular glasses. 1. Round face shape A round face is a face shape with a wide forehead and chin. The proportion of the face is even, giving people a soft and uniform feeling. The straight lines and edges of the rectangular eyeglass frame can increase the recognition and structure of the round face. 2. Oval face shape An oval face shape is a face shape with a medium-sized forehead and a slightly tapered chin that still maintains a soft, round appearance. Both rectangle glasses and geometric glasses are better for oval faces, rectangular frames help to soften the look of the face and add roundness to the lower part of the frame. 3. Triangle face shape There are two types of triangular face shapes. One is an A-triangle face shape with a narrow forehead and a wide chin. One is a V-triangle face shape with a wider forehead and a narrower chin. These two triangular faces are suitable for wearing rectangular frames, this type of frame is more prominent and stylish glasses. 4. Diamond face shape A diamond face shape is a face shape with a narrow chin, tapered, narrow forehead, and obvious cheekbones. Rectangular frames with taller temples will help widen the upper face, at the same time it softens the angles of the face and draws the eye. Zeelool offers an extensive selection of styles, rich colors, and high-quality rectangle frame glasses, rectangular prescription glasses, rectangular sunglasses for people to choose from trendy and simple style, affordable and fast delivery.