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Zeelool Semi-Rimless Glasses Online

What are semi-glasses?

Semi-rimless glasses (also known as the semi-rim, half-frame, half-rimmed, or half-rim glasses) have a top-heavy upper frame, leaving the bottom of the lens exposed and no lower frame.

Compared to full-rim glasses, advantages and disadvantages of half-frame glasses:

Advantages of semi-rimless glasses: 1. Lighter weight Half-rim glasses are usually lighter than full-rim glasses, with lighter frames, and are suitable for people who wear glasses every day and read a lot. 2. More refined The lack of a frame at the bottom of the lens can make semi-rimless eyeglasses look more refined than full-rim glasses, giving them a subtle, modern look. 3. More concise The lower half of the semi-rim frames glasses has no frame, which is more unobtrusive and more simple, and is suitable for various activities such as travel. 4. Wider vision The lack of a frame at the bottom of the lens provides the wearer with a wider field of view. 5. More suitable for diamond and triangle faces If your face shape is a diamond face or triangular face, half-rimless glasses will balance your facial features and suit you better. Disadvantages of semi-rimless glasses: 1. Poor durability Since the half-rim glasses do not completely surround the lens, If dropped or subjected to shock, they may be more prone to cracking or damage. 2. Limited frame styles There are not as many frame styles or materials for semi-rimmed glasses as there are for full-rim glasses, choices are limited. 3. People who are not suitable for high prescription Half-frame glasses are suitable for people with low degrees. Higher prescription lenses are usually thicker, and it is better to choose full-frame glasses. 4. Harder to fix Half-rim glasses have a lens glued to the top frame or supported by a filament at the bottom, If they get damaged, they can be harder to repair than a full frame, If you choose half-rim frame glasses, you must take extra care. Ultimately, the choice between semi-rimless eyeglasses and full-rim glasses will come down to personal preference, styles, and personal needs, such as the level of eye protection or comfort required.