Write for Us

Write for Us

Dear Zeelool Eyeglasses Fans:

Do you have an insight into fashion? Are you a keen observer of eyewear trends? We are honored to invite you - Zeelool eyeglasses users, eyewear lovers, fashionistas, trend-setters, social influencers, collaborators - to join the [Write for us] writing event, join in the creation, get a free glasses.

Topics for Submission

Product Reviews

We're interested in hearing your real stories about Zeelool glasses-whether it's about the design, comfort, visual experience, or your personality on display. Share your experience with Zeelool eyeglasses in all aspects, your approval and praise is the motivation for us to keep working hard.

Fashion Eyewear Trends

Explore the current and future popular eyeglasses styles, color schemes, material updates, and new trends in eyewear for the fashion industry.

Trend Eyeglasses

Analysis of popular eyeglasses designs, share your opinions on hot styles and tips on how to match the styles with your personal style.

Zeelool Products

Select your favorite glasses products in Zeelool store(zeelool.com), and provide in-depth analysis on design aesthetics, comfort, materials, etc. to help readers understand our fine products.


Turn the latest Zeelool promotions into engaging stories, and make the promo information vivid and interesting in your writing.

Brand Story

Write about the history and development of the Zeelool brand and tell the story behind the brand.

Requirement for Article Submission

  • Originality: The article should be original, any form of copying or re-printing will not be accepted to ensure the content's freshness.
  • Word count requirement: Express your point of view exactly, the length of the article should be no less than 400 words to ensure the richness and depth of the content.
  • Pictures to match: Provide at least 2 high-definition pictures related to the content to make your article more vivid.
  • Unique submission: Ensure that your article has not been submitted or published on other platforms.
  • Correct Grammar: Make sure that the article written is correct in grammar, with no grammatical or misspelled words.
  • Fashion-related: The content should be consistent with fashion and other related categories (including but not limited to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health, eyewear, and so on).

Writing Rewards

Once your article content is accepted, you will receive our exclusive reward - a free pair of eyeglasses (including prescription or blue-light-blocking lenses).

  • For 400-599 words of article content, Rewards for frames under $15
  • For 600-799 words of article content, Rewards for frames under $25
  • For 800-999 words of article content, Rewards for frames under $35
  • For 1000+ words of article content, Rewards for frame at any price

All of the above frames can be configured as prescription glasses for free,including blue light blocking glasses.

Submission Process

Write an article:

Create an article around our theme, showing your unique opinion.


Send your complete article and images as a Word docx file to [collaboration@zeelool.com], including the link to the selected frame product, the eyeglass prescription, and the delivery address.

Artice Review:

Our review team will review the article and will assess the originality, relevance and creativity of the content.

Results Feedback:

We will complete the review within 7 working days after receiving the article, and reply to you with the result by email.


  • Please ensure that the file sent to our email is docx.
  • By submitting your article that means you agree your content (including text and images) is free from copyright disputes and you authorize Zeelool to use it.
  • Zeelool has the final authority to explain the rules of the event, as well as the right to use the contents of the submissions.
  • Not all submissions will be accepted. Accepted articles will be notified to you within 5-7 working days after submission.
  • If your article is approved, we will customize the eyeglasses to your requirements, by standard shipping, and you will receive it about 14-21 days.


Share your story and let more people experience the unique vision of Zeelool glasses! We look forward to your wonderful creations and wish you the best of luck in getting your favorite eyeglasses!