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Zeelool Sunglasses Frame and Prescription Sunglasses

What is a sunglasses?

Sunglasses are goggles that protect eyewear from the sun and ultraviolet radiation, and the lenses are often dark or black. Sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses for vision correction, and Plano lenses that are not for vision correction.

What are prescription sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses are sunglasses made to your specific eye prescription, turn your eyeglasses prescription into lenses and fit them into your favorite men's or women's sunglasses. Best prescription sunglasses are great if you have a refractive error; They protect your eyes from the sun and glare while allowing you to see better.

Can any sunglasses be made into a prescription?

Not all fashion sunglasses can be equipped with prescription lenses, such as some wireframes sunglasses, there are no screws that can be equipped with prescription lenses. Some plastic frames with poor frame quality also cannot fit prescription lenses, plastic frames do not have the stretch to fit custom lenses, and the frames may break with prolonged use. Sunglasses lenses with a curvature dimension bigger than 8 also cannot be converted to prescription sunglasses.

What are the benefits of sunglasses?

1. Sunglasses have a UV protection function. Try to choose larger sunglasses to block more ultraviolet rays, avoid macular degeneration caused by excessive ultraviolet radiation, and vision loss in the elderly, etc. 2. If you often drive, wearing polarized sunglasses can give you clearer vision and make outdoor activities easier. Polarized sunglasses lenses, made with glare-reducing, tinted lenses for sunglasses, are great for driving, as well as water and snow activities. 3. Anti-blue light, sunglasses block the blue light emitted by digital screens and help eliminate blue light, which can damage your eyes and cause eye fatigue. 4. Prevent eye strain, headaches, and possible damage from wearing over-the-counter sunglasses. 5. If you play sports, consider glasses with amber, green, or gray lenses to help create contrast.
How to buy sunglasses on Zeelool online?
If you just need non-prescription sunglasses, firstly, select the designer sunglasses frame which you like, secondly, choose color tint ( tint or coat your lenses and turn regular lenses into sunglasses), you can choose dark gray, gradient gray, dark brown, gradient brown, light red, light yellow, light brown, dark green, thirdly, select anti-reflective coating (reduce both the internal and external the reflections on the lens surface), or super Hydrophobic coating (repel dirt and water, easier to clean), fourth, use coupon code, proceed to checkout. The last step, proceed to checkout. You can also choose non-prescription polarized sunglasses for driving and water and snow activities. If you need prescription sunglasses, firstly, select the sunglasses frame with high-quality materials, secondly, select sunglasses prescription at prescription type (offering style and protection with vision correction by adding a prescription), then enter your prescription, OD(right), OS(left), and PD, and confirm. Thirdly, choose color tint or polarized sunglasses lenses, (color tint including dark gray, gradient gray, dark brown, gradient brown, light red, light yellow, light brown, and dark green color.), fourth, choose lenses, you can choose the lens that is recommended for you, which is based on your prescription. The last step, proceed to checkout.
What are the types of sunglasses lenses?
Transitions Lenses: Automatically adapt to changing light for optimal UV protection Polarized lenses: provide sun protection and reduce glare for outdoor sports and water activities with maximum UV rays. Non-Polarized Lenses: Provides sun protection in bright conditions and provides full UV protection. Buy popular sunglasses and fashion prescription sunglasses online at Zeelool Optical with affordable prices and high quality.