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      100-160 mm

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      100-150 mm

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Zeelool Square Frames Glasses Online

Are square glasses in style?

Square frame glasses are one type of timeless and all-match choice that looks great in the office or travel for men and women. The square frame glasses with well proportioned, and the edges and corners are more obvious. This sharp shape gives a tough feeling. It applies clear lines to balance the overall appearance of your face and can soften facial lines. The width of the square frame is wider than the cheekbones, so it is recommended people with square faces, rectangle faces, and oval face shape wear square frame glasses, no matter with prescription lenses or sunglasses. Overall, square eye glasses are still the best choice in stylish and fashionable eyewear.

Should I wear round or square glasses?

If you have a round face shape, the square frame eyeglasses can help you to balance your facial features and create more edges and corners look. If your face shape is sharper, such as a square face, or triangle face, the round frame glasses can soften your facial features and provide a more balanced look. Whether you choose a round frame or a square frame is depend on your personal preferences and your face shape, but as long as you like, there's nothing wrong with it.

Are square glasses good for oval faces?

Yes, the oval face has well-proportioned and matches all choices. The square frame for glasses can complement the oval face by adding the face softly and the structure of the edge clearly. For people with oval faces, fashion square glasses are a good choice.

Are square glasses good for round faces?

Yes, square designer glasses are a great option for people with round faces. The features of a round face are full cheeks, a round chin, and a softened forehead. The sharpness of the square specs frame can help to add softness to the round face, and the structure of the edge clearly, to create a more defined, thin appearance. It is important to choose a few wider square frames than the widest of faces. Zeelool optical offers square glasses with various colors and shapes, from tortoiseshell, gold, ombre, and transparent color frame, and different materials, and different lens colors, to find a pair of your favorite, safe and fashionable. They are made of premium materials, smooth surfaces, and spring hinges to make sure wear comfortable.