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    • Frame width zeelool glasses

      100-160 mm

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      100-150 mm

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Zeelool Basic But Better Frame Glasses Online

Basic eyeglasses as one of the timeless styles for men and women in the market. It is available in round, medium-narrow cat-eye frames, geometric shape frames, and popular sunglasses.

What are basic glasses frames?

Glasses frames only keep basic design and basic functions, without avant-garde, bold and stylish styles, so called basic but better glasses frame. The difference between basic but better glasses frame and stylish glasses is in style, in addition, basic prescription glasses can choose different lenses and coatings. The basic but better frame glasses can suit the need of most people, are suitable for any occasion, low-key, and durable.

Can you wear sunglasses in basic?

Yes, basic eyeglass frames can be made into sunglasses, methods as below: Method 1: You can buy clip-on sunglasses lenses and fix them in the basic frame, so when you are outdoors activity, clip-on sunglasses lenses can block the strong light and UV. Method 2: If you have vision problems, you can choose photochromic lenses with a prescription, so when you are outdoors, the photochromic lenses will turn into dark color as sun lenses under strong light, blocking the strong light and UV. Method 3: If you have no vision problems, you can choose to buy basic sunglasses directly.

What are basic glasses frames paid by insurance?

Most health insurance contracts cover the scope of protection for glasses. Some insurance contracts will be charged with the full cost of basic glasses, some insurance contracts will be charged with a part of the cost, and some insurance contracts will only be charged with certain glasses brands. So, you need to communicate with the insurance company to determine what your insurance coverage for basic but better eyeglasses is.