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  • shape

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  • material

  • size

    • Frame width zeelool glasses

      100-160 mm

    • Temple zeelool glasses

      100-150 mm

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Zeelool Botanic Frame Glasses Online

What are botanic frame glasses?

Botanical glasses consist of a frame with natural plant materials and a pair of clear lenses.

What are the advantages of botanical eyeglasses?

1. Eco-friendly glasses: They are eco-friendly glasses that can replace traditional glasses frames. 2. Hypoallergenic glasses: They are suitable for people with sensitive skin. 3. Suitable for all-day wear: They are lightweight and durable, suitable for long-time wear. Zeelool eyeglasses provides stylish and chic botanic glasses online with high quality and affordable prices, a riot of unique botanical pattern colors eyeglasses, and sunglasses that accents your beauty, these beautiful shape and color botanic eyeglasses will be your favorite color eyewear at lightweight, high quality, and affordable prices.