Zeelool: Try on Glasses Online and Find Your Favorite Pair

Tips And Tricks

Ready to find the perfect glasses online at Zeelool Optical? Just follow these simple steps:

Choose the glasses that catch your eye and click on the "Try On" button located at the top left of the glasses picture. This will give you a visual preview of how they look on you.

When trying on glasses virtually, you have two options: You can select a model wearing the frame to get a sense of how it might look on a person, or you can upload a photo of yourself wearing the glasses.

To ensure the best results with your selfie, keep the following tips in mind:

Look straight into the camera to capture your face clearly. Keep your face forward, centered, and level.

Tie your hair back so that it doesn't obscure your features or the glasses.

Check for the best lighting possible to showcase your portrait picture beautifully.

Upload a photo to wear a frame:

try on frame glasses at zeelool

                                           You can try on multiple glasses on the list page

You can also try on specific glasses

Choose a model to wear frames

try on frame glasses at zeelool optical

try on frame glasses online zeelool

After uploading the photo, you need to adjust the position of the frame glasses. On the desktop computer, you can use the mouse to move the position of the glasses, and on the mobile phone, you can use your fingers to move the position of the glasses.

If you want to delete an uploaded photo, just click the "X" button and then click "Delete."

Please note: The Try On function is designed for visualizing glasses on your face and cannot be used for measurements. For specific measurements, refer to the DETAILS section provided.

Get ready to discover your perfect frames and enjoy the convenience of trying them on virtually. Happy exploring!