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Jun 29 ,2018

Online Prescription Glasses: Several things need to know

There are things you do not know before!

We can buy almost everything online. Shopping online is convenient and also cheaper.  However, when it comes to Online Prescription Glasses, there are chances that things get messed up. So here I am, being thoughtful and considerate, list several things we might not know before and do need to know now.


If you wear glasses and have bought glasses online before, then you might know the importance of your PD. For those who don’t, keeping reading.

1/ Read your Rx(Prescription) and see if it has PD

What's PD? It is your pupil distance. Sometimes your prescription does not have it. It is very important. For example, if the PD is smaller than your actual measurement, your pupils would become closer, that is cross-eyed. Do make sure your optometrist write it down. If you can not get in touch with your optometrist, do not worry, here is a DIY step for you on how to measure your PD.


2/Find the appropriate frame that fits your PD  and your face

Almost 95% of people would never encounter such situations. However, if your PD is too small(<55) or too big(>74), you must pay attention to the Frame width of the glasses. For example, as an adult, if your PD is lower than 55 mm, you should not choose frame width that is longer than 48 mm. More specifically, the frame width plus the bridge should not over 68 mm. Every quality glasses website should have this data. If you could not find this, then you should have a second thought before you buy from the website. 

For those who already have a pair of glasses that perfectly fits your face, then you can save a lot of time by simply copying the measurements.

Click here to get access to Zeelool’s advanced search, where you can find all the details you need, from price to frame width to temple length. 


3/The lens Index

After you find the frames you love and make sure that it can add prescription lenses, it's time to choose Index. First, you should know: the higher the index, the thinner the lenses, the more expensive the price. Nowadays, almost every online website offers 1.57 Index for free. It should meet the needs of 90% online customers. But if your SPH is over -10.00, then it would be wiser to choose higher Index lenses. Because if you stick to low Index, your lenses would be very thick and heavy.


4/The coatings

Last but not least, coatings! I recommend you choose Super hydrophobic and Anti-reflective coatings. It does not resist fingerprints. But we do have glasses clothing~ If we can mop them up by simply lifting our fingers, then we do not need to spend money on the premium coating. 



In conclusion

Nowadays, we have quite a range of choices. Sometimes too many options are not a good thing and it feels like they are the way they are just because the tiny little people behind the Internet want to stripe us of our hard-earned money. 

So here it is. Set a budget before you buy things. And keep yourself away from all the temptation such as big sales or discounts. Buy exactly what you need.


Love you all--Olivia

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