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Aug 21 ,2018

What do male celebrities wear?

Wondering what's hot and cool in men’s eyeglasses frames? We got you covered. 

 Hi everyone,

All these top rated selling “bad boys” are available in prescription lenses,  progressive lenses, as reading glasses or simply as your non-prescription fashion accessory. 

More good news, Zeelool now offer a limited time discount so you can get 20% off !!! So...Buckle up!



These glasses didn’t use to be your safe fashion choice but are now the best selling style of glasses. Previously designed as a simple square shaped style, hipster glasses became popular after many celebrities adopted this look and made them a cultural fashion phenomenon.





The thick-framed geek glasses with metallic accents or unusual colors are among men’s most stylish eyeglasses, increasingly popular over the years. This season they are top of the list! Geek eyeglasses style is perfect for confident people with an edgy touch, who are not afraid of putting themselves on display.





Men’s vintage eyewear fashion is meant to transform your look in an oldie-but-goldie, stylish one. To accomplish this style, look for exaggerated, oversized frame styles. Conveying thick rims and double bridges, wayfarers and aviators are frame shapes that shout retro. Inspired by the glorious 50’s and 60’s, vintage eyeglasses include the browline trend.



Before we jump to the conclusion that men always wears dark colors, let's meet clear frames! Glasses with clear frames are very cool and trendy and are suitable for any kind of complexion and outfit.

Check this bad boy! Does anyone agree with me that his eyes are so distracting? Lol, we should try to break the rules once in a while. Live up to my idol!




Note: This event will last for 7 days from August 22-28th.

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'See' you later!


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