Which Eyeglasses are Suitable for Weddings?

Fashion Inspiration

If you're a glasses' wearer, you might want to embrace your bespectacled look on your wedding day. After all, there's a certain comfort and familiarity that comes with wearing glasses that can make you feel confident and true to your personal style. But for such a momentous occasion, you'll want to choose a pair of glasses that are truly special, different, and perfect for your wedding.

Metal frames:

Consider opting for a pair of slim metal frames in gold, silver, or rose gold. These metallic accents will add a touch of elegance and sophistication, elevating your everyday office wear to a whole new level. The sleek and refined design of metal frames will complement your wedding attire beautifully.

Zeelool Bivins geometric gold glasses

“Bivins” geometric gold glasses

Joshua geometric silver glasses

“Joshua” geometric silver glasses

Crystal & semi-crystal frames:

For a more subtle and delicate look, consider crystal or semi-crystal frames. These frames have a lighter tone that blends seamlessly with your wedding gown, allowing your glasses to harmonize with your overall bridal ensemble. The understated elegance of these frames will enhance your natural beauty on your special day.

 Juliet cat eye crystal glasses

“Juliet” cat eye crystal glasses

Mulero square green glasses

“Mulero” square green glasses  

Thick & solid color frames:

If you're going for a vintage or retro vibe, don't be afraid to bring some color contrast with thick and solid frames. Choose a frame in a bold and vibrant color that complements your wedding theme or adds a unique touch to your bridal style. These frames will make a statement and add a playful twist to your wedding look.

Cascata cat eye black/off pink glasses

“Cascata” cat eye black/ pink glasses

zeelool Martine square red glasses

“Martine” square red glasses

Your wedding day is a celebration of love and personal expression, and your glasses should reflect that. Explore the possibilities, try on different styles, and let your eyewear be an extension of your personality on this joyous occasion. Find something special, something different, and something that truly embodies the spirit of your wedding day.