What are the most popular women's eyeglass frames?(2024 update)

Fashion Inspiration

Let's explore the most fashionable women's glasses styles that are trending in 2024 and refresh your eyes. These hot trends include classic cat-eye styles, stylish square styles, cool oversized frame styles, whether you are looking for retro style, personality trend or simple elegance, whether you wear them for everyday or with special occasions, you will find the right glasses to show off your unique fashion style.

2024 most popular women's eyeglass frames

1. Cat-eye frame glasses:

Cat eye frames glasses are shaped like a cat's eye, the outer edges of the frame and lenses are upturned, creating a retro yet feminine look.

Cat eye glasses give the impression of being in-between playfulness and refined, highlighting the cheekbones and adding a touch of glamor, with a stylish and elegant design that is reflected in every detail.Cat eye glasses frames are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from refined and understated to bold and dramatic, and are at the top of the trend list.

cat eye glasses

2. Round frames glasses:

Round frame glasses use a completely round lens shape to give a youth and down-to-earth look, often related to vintage or bohemian styles. Round glasses can provide a soft and artistic look, helping to soften angles and balance facial features. Widely favored by people with low-key and quiet easy-going personalities.

round frame glasses

3. Square Frame Glasses:

Square frame eyeglasses have straight horizontal and vertical lines, the top and bottom of the frame are roughly equal in width, and the geometric lines help create a sense of balance and symmetry on the face, creating a modern and bold aesthetic. Square frame glasses have more obvious angles, can help create dimension on round faces, and are also suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

square frame glasses

4. Aviator Frame Glasses:

Aviator frame glasses feature large teardrop lenses and a slim metal frame, wider at the outer edges and narrower near the nose, and are lightweight and comfortable to wear, offering a clean and simple look. For those with angular or chiseled facial features, aviator glasses can soften their appearance and provide a more balanced look. Often connected to classic and adventurous styles, aviator glasses are favored by those looking for a sporty or avant-garde look.

aviator frame glasses

5. Tortoiseshell Frame Glasses:

Tortoiseshell frame glasses are frames with added color tint of brown, amber, black or green, and incorporates tortoiseshell patterns, have an obvious retro style, are timelessly classic, and have a very matchy-matchy and unique design, which is loved by both women and men.

tortoiseshell frame glasses

6. Wayfarer Frame Glasses:

Wayfarer frame glasses have a horizontal rectangular shape, wider lenses that don't overly highlight the forehead and chin, is a classic and versatile style, suitable for a wide range of face shapes. Additionally, Wayfarer frames feature a bold and angular design, similar to square frames, but with a curved bottom that creates an upside-down stepped shape, providing good protection for outdoor activities.

wayfarer frame glasses

7. Oversized frame glasses:

Oversized frame glasses have oversized ratios, larger than average frame sizes, and thick frames, which on the one hand provide enough coverage area, and on the other hand support thicker lenses to meet the needs of the high-count prescription people. Additionally, oversize frame glasses can add drama and sophistication to a look, making a bold fashion statement.

oversized frame glasses

Faced with many popular women's eyeglasses, how to choose the right eyeglasses style for you is a process that requires comprehensive consideration. You need to combine your personal style preference, usage scenarios, face shape, and skin color. By trying on different styles and using the online try-on function, you can find the most suitable style for yourself. Zeelool provides an online AR try-on function, so you can easily check whether the frame's shape is suitable for you directly.