How do you wear glasses from Monday to Sunday?

Fashion Inspiration

Shoes are a very important part of people's daily outfits, that's why we have high heels, flats, hiking shoes, beach shoes, and slippers and boots, and so on... You have so many shoes, so what about glasses? Do you have many pairs of eyeglasses to match different dress styles and wearing occasions.

This is your week


Work/Business Glasses

A new week has begun. Whether you are facing a customer or a partner, you have to look fresh, professional and stable, and this is when you will pick a business glasses. The upright style and textured material highlight your steady temperament.

Monday Work/Business Glasses


Work/Ultra-light Glasses

Ultra-light frame material, so you can not feel a little pressure. Light and beautiful shape, de-cluttered to make the beauty of the frame come more directly, beautiful lines and touch, so that those who wear it feel light and comfortable.

Tuesday Work/Ultra-light glasses


Work / Ultra-light / Pure Titanium Eyeglasses

The fine workmanship is the key point of the special details of the Pure Titanium eyeglasses. No matter you have an oval face shape or a round face shape, the width can be adjusted according to the size of your face and keep it that way so that there will be no more strangulation around your eyes and ears.

Nowadays, pure titanium eyeglass frames are becoming more and more fashionable, especially some middle and high-end businessmen and white-collar elite people are especially fond of it.

Wednesday Work / Ultra-light / Pure Titanium Eyeglasses


Work Life Goes Hand in Hand / Casual Glasses

Thursdays can be a great time to choose a pair of casual glasses that are both stylish and practical, allowing you to exude confidence and charm throughout your relaxing day. Whether you're going for classic or trendy, remember to choose the right style and material to give you a comfortable wearing experience. Make eyewear the perfect finishing touch to your stylish casual look.

Thursday Work Life Goes Hand in Hand / Casual Glasses


Coworker Hi-Tech/Fashion Eyewear

It's rare that you can go out and get high, you need to shed your disguise, take off your mask and present your youthful and energetic self. A fashionable and eye-catching glasses can make you the focus of the party.

Friday Coworker Hi-Tech/Fashion Eyewear

Saturday and Sunday

Sunglasses/Personalized Glasses

The two days of the weekend are a time for relaxation and fun, and you can choose your eyewear according to the following situations:

Outdoor Activity:

If you plan to do outdoor activities such as picnics, hiking or other outdoor sports, it is recommended to choose sunglasses or sports glasses with good UV protection. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from the damage of strong sunlight and provide clear vision.

Saturday and Sunday Sunglasses/Personalized glasses

Casual Time:

If you plan to relax and unwind on weekends, such as going to a cafe, shopping or meeting with friends, you can choose stylish and comfortable casual eyewear. These women glasses usually have lightweight frames and comfortable lenses, allowing you to show your personality and fashion sense while enjoying your relaxing time.

Family Activities:

If you're planning a stay-at-home weekend, opt for stylish eyeglasses, comfortable glasses for near-sightedness, or anti-blue light glasses. These glasses will protect your vision health by reducing the strain and discomfort on your eyes when using electronic devices for long periods of time.

fashion zeelool glasses

Whichever type of glasses you choose for each day of the week, it's important to make sure they fit comfortably and match your personal style and activities. Eyeglasses are not only a vision correction tool, they are also a fashion accessory to show off your personal style, and choosing the right ones can make you feel more confident and comfortable during your seven days of activities.