What factors I should consider when choosing glasses?

Tips And Tricks

Fashion lovers and daily wearers of glasses can choose the right frame shape for their faces, select the right prescription and functions according to prescription and lens types, the right style for the occasion, personal style, as well as the frame material and price range for their lifestyle and budget. Zeelool offers useful advice and guidance on specifics, so take a look.

1. Face shapes:

1) Oval face shape: Equal width of forehead and chin, soft lines, suitable for various frame shapes.

2) Round/Circle face shape: Equal width and length, soft lines, for hairstyles and glasses that add length to the face.

3) Square face shape: Wide forehead, wide cheekbones and wide chin, suitable for hairstyles that add height to the head and reduce the angle of the jaw and frames with curved or rounded edges.

4) Heart-shaped face shape: Gradually decreasing in width, with a wider forehead and narrower chin, suitable for hairstyles that increase the width of the face and frames that are wider at the bottom.

5) Rectangular face shape: Length is greater than width, suitable for hairstyles that increase the width of the top of the head and cheeks and frames with rounded or curved edges.

6) Diamond-shaped face: Wide cheekbones, narrow forehead and chin, similar to a diamond shape, suitable for wearing frames that can balance the width of the cheekbones and soften the angles.

face shape

2. Prescription:

If vision correction is needed, choose eyeglasses that meet the elements of your personal prescription, such as Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, Presbyopia, or Strabismus. With an eye exam and the correct prescription elements, purchase the appropriate prescription eyeglasses.

1) Myopia: If you see things blurry at a distance and clear up close, you may be nearsighted.

2) Hyperopia: If you see things blurry at a distance and clear at a distance, then you may be farsighted.

3) Astigmatism: If your eyes are unable to focus light on a single point, but instead focus on multiple points or lines, resulting in blurred or distorted vision, then you may have a problem with astigmatism.

4) Presbyopia: If your eyes have a reduced ability to focus on close objects, especially as you age, then you may have presbyopia.

5) Strabismus: If your eyes are unable to focus on the same object at the same time, resulting in abnormal positioning of both eyes, then you may have a problem with strabismus.


3. Lens types:

1) Single vision lenses: For correcting myopia or hyperopia.

2) Bifocal lenses: For correcting both hyperopia and myopia.

3)Trifocal lenses: Can clearly see objects in the distance, center, and near.

4) Progressive lenses: For correcting farsightedness, nearsightedness and presbyopia at the same time.

5)Blue-light blocking lenses: Reduce the effect of blue light from electronic products on eyes and relieve eye fatigue.

6) High index lenses: Suitable for high myopia or hyperopia, enhancing comfort.

7) Anti-reflective lenses: Reduce reflection and glare.

8) Color lenses: Change the color of light to provide specific visual effects and comfort.


4. Skin color:

1) Cool-toned skin: Choose bright and clear eyeglass frames, such as light blue, light pink, silver or transparent color, which can brighten your skin tone.

2) Warm-toned skin: It is suitable to choose warm and neutral eyeglass frames, such as brown, gold, orange or beige, which can work well with your skin tone.

3) Neutral skin: Suitable for choosing glasses styles in various colors, bright or dark, cool or warm frames according to personal preference.

4) Dark skin: Choose bright and vibrant eyeglass frames such as red, purple, blue or gold to contrast with your skin tone or black, brown or dark gray eyeglass frames to harmonize with dark skin.

skin-tone color

5. Frame Material:

1) Titanium frames: Lightweight, durable, with a classic fashionable look, adjustable and suitable for the seeking of comfort and fit.

2) Plastic frames: Cheap, with a wide variety of colors, textures and styles, light and comfortable, suitable for daily wear.

(3) Acetate frames: Flexible and elastic, impact resistant, can be dyed, offer a variety of colors and texture patterns, lightweight and durable.

4) TR90 frame: Good impact resistance, extremely light and thin, suitable for sports glasses, providing eye protection.

5) Wooden frames: Environmentally friendly and unique, handmade, each frame has a unique natural charm.

frame material

6. Frame shape:

1) Square frames: Square frames have right angles and straight edges, presenting a dry, modern look. This shape is suitable for those who wish to highlight the contours of their face, especially for round or oval face shapes.

2) Round frames: Round frames have rounded edges, giving a retro, soft look. This shape is suitable for those who like fashionable and unique style, especially for square or rectangular face shapes.

3) Oval frames: Oval frames have oval or ovoid edges and are suitable for a variety of facial shapes. This shape is often considered a classic choice for everyday wear.

4) Rectangle frames: Rectangular frames have rectangular edges that present a simple, professional look. This shape is suitable for those who wish to present a formal, sophisticated persona.

5) Butterfly frames: Butterfly shaped frames have an upward curved upper edge that is similar to the shape of a butterfly's wings. This shape is suitable for those who want to highlight the eye area and add some feminine features.

6) Cat eye frames: The shape of cat eye frames shows an outwardly curved edge, giving a fashionable and mysterious feeling. This shape is suitable for those who are looking for an elegant, personalized look.

7) Geometric frames: Geometric frames often have non-traditional shapes such as hexagons, octagons, trapezoids, and more. They display a unique geometric aesthetic and are suitable for those seeking a trendy, edgy style. These frames are suitable for a wide range of face shapes, especially square or round faces.

8) Browline frames: Browline frames refer to the upper part of the frame that has an obvious thick frame or thickened design, similar to the lines of eyebrows. This kind of frame usually shows a retro and classic style. Browline frames are suitable for all kinds of face shapes, especially for round or oval faces.

9) Aviator frames: Aviator frames have large, slightly angled lenses that are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. Aviator frames are suitable for all face shapes, but especially for oval or square face shapes.

frame shape

7. Occasion guide:

1) Daily Occasions: Choose glasses styles that suit your styles and facial features, such as rectangle, round, square, oval, etc., with comfort in mind.

2) Business occasions: Choose conservative and professional glasses styles, such as square, rectangle and browline frames, to show a smart, professional and confident look.

3) Casual and relaxing occasions: Choose fashionable eyeglasses styles to match with dress, makeup and hairstyle to become a beautiful scenery.

4) Specific parties, concerts: Choose fashionable and eye-catching glasses styles according to the occasion, such as sparkling Diva glasses or cyberpunk glasses.

5) Driving: Choose driving glasses with anti-glare and contrast-enhancing features to reduce glare and improve road visibility.

6) Outdoor activities: Wear sunglasses in sunny weather to reduce UV damage and block glare.

7) Special sports: Choose sports glasses with anti-shock and anti-debris features to provide eye protection and safety.

Occasion guide

8. Lifestyle:

1) Daily leisure: Choose simple and comfortable frame styles such as round, oval or rectangle frames.

2) Professionals: Choose frame styles that are conservative and traditional, such as square and rectangle frames made of metal alloy in black or dark colors.

3) Artistic youth: Choose personalized frame styles such as bold geometric shapes, decorative frames or bright colors.

4) Street culture fans: Choose stylish, trendy styles such as cool designs, bright colors or sporty frames.

5) Sports lovers: Choose lightweight, durable frames with stability and protection, and special designs according to the type of sport, such as running, cycling or skiing.

6) Fashion insiders: Choose cat eye frames, large square frames or metal decorative frames, etc.


9. Personal Style:

1) Traditionalist: Choose classic rectangular or square eyewear styles to show maturity and stability.

2) Nostalgia seekers: Choose retro eyewear styles such as cat-eye or round glasses.

3) Trend followers: Choose eyewear styles with cool designs and unique details.

4) Avant-garde innovators: Choose glasses with non-traditional shapes or designs.

5) Minimalist: Choose lightweight and comfortable eyewear styles, such as simple rectangular or oval shaped eyewear.

6)Environmental protection enthusiasts: Choose eyewear made of environmentally friendly materials or recycled materials to show a green attitude towards life.

7) Street culture fans: Choose glasses with sporty or street elements.

8) Music fans or artists: Choose glasses with unique design or artistic elements to show your personal artistic taste.

Personal Style

10. Budget:

1) Adequate budget: Choose premium quality and lightweight frames, such as pure titanium frames with excellent quality and corrosion resistance.

2) Limited budget: Choose cost-effective plastic frames that are lightweight and durable with a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

3) Average budget: Choose durable and strong metal alloy frames or acetate frames, affordable options.


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