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Nov 10 ,2018

Love the Eyes & Guard the Mind

Protect your eyes. Every day reflects your “Sight Day”! Raising awareness about your eye’s health and vision demands an urgent task.

   Today, electronic products are rampant, go to our work places, our homes and even on the streets, it is impossible to do away with our gadgets. We over use our eyes virtually 24/7 on our computers, phones and any reflective gadget.


   Here is the timely secret recipe for your eyes which can relieve eye fatigue and improve your vision at any time and at anywhere resulting in a perfect eye sight.


• Continuous using of the eyes, with a time bound of not more than 40 minutes

Long hours facing electronic gadget may cause dry eyes and hurt your sight. When you use your eyes continuously, stand up every 40 minutes, or pour water, or go to the bathroom. In brief, change the horizon and let your eyes relax.

• Eye discomfort, can not be handcuffed

When the eyes feel uncomfortable, you can wash your hands, close your eyes, and press gently with your hand, but remember not to rub your eyes directly! There is a mass of bacteria on our hands, when we do so, which is equivalent to giving bacteria a chance to get close to the eyes.

• Increase rest time, especially sleep time, and give your eyes a good rest. 

   Of course, if you are already Short-sighted, don’t worry. You just need to love  your eyes more and prevent our vision from worsening! Then, choosing the right glasses for you is crucial.

   Here are a few recommended glasses for your daily life.


1. This chic pair of rectangular glasses will add a trendy yet polished element to your look. Made from high quality authentic original materials, with rich gentle color transition design. It is extremely durable and suitable for all kinds of faces and it has stood the test of time.



2. These contemporary geometric glasses feature a striking. The medium-size frame has lightweight acetate rims with a durable titanium bridge and temple arms in gold. Adjustable nose pads provide a comfortable fit.


3. This pair of cateye glasses is extremely lightweight and durable. Designed with cute cat eye style, this frame should bring you different emotions, and match your personality and lifestyle. Made from high quality titanium, with soft nose pads for added comfort.

4. These round glasses feature TR90 rims with a glossy finish in the yellow color. The temple arms are metal with a shiny finish. This is a middle wide frame. Give your look a warm touch with soft neutrals.




The eyes are the windows of the soul, the guide to the journey of life! Protect your eyes not only on this day, please cherish your eyes and treat each day as “Sight Day”.

Wish everyone to have good eyes. Remember, Your Eye is our Eye.


Written by Riji

Last Update 2019-04-22 07:51:24
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