What Exactly is Blue Light and Its Harmful Effects on the Eyes?

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What exactly is blue light?

Natural daylight encompasses a continuous spectrum that encompasses the full range of colors. In the context of a cloudy day, the spectral distribution of daylight is evident. Each color corresponds to distinct wavelengths, with the shorter-wave frequencies, specifically violet and blue light, occupying the far left of the visible spectrum. It is essential to note that ultraviolet (UV) light possesses even shorter wavelengths, rendering it invisible to the human eye. By understanding the intricate nature of light's composition, we gain insight into the fascinating interplay between colors and wavelengths within the natural daylight spectrum.

Why is this such a newsworthy concern

The segment of visible light with wavelengths below 500 nm is commonly referred to as "blue light."

This short-wave optical radiation possesses potent oxidative properties, which can lead to cellular damage through the generation of free oxygen radicals. It is widely understood that UV light poses risks to both the skin and eyes, prompting the longstanding requirement for sunglasses to incorporate 100% UV filters. This precautionary measure serves to mitigate the potential harmful effects associated with exposure to UV radiation.

UV radiation

Emerging medical research has increasingly provided evidence highlighting the detrimental effects of visible short-wave radiation, commonly known as blue light. Not only does blue light possess a comparable oxidative capacity to UV light, but it also penetrates deeper into the eye. Unlike UV light, which primarily affects the eye lens where it is filtered out, blue light reaches the retina unfiltered and poses a risk to the delicate photoreceptor cells residing there. These findings shed light on the importance of recognizing the potential harm associated with blue light exposure, particularly in relation to retinal health and the preservation of crucial visual function.

Why is this such a newsworthy concern?

Firstly, while natural daylight typically mitigates the detrimental impact of blue light through its regenerative red and infrared components, the prevalence of artificial light sources has disrupted this balance. Many of these sources not only emit substantial amounts of blue light but also lack the regenerative red frequencies that aid in cellular repair.

Why is this such a newsworthy concern

Of particular concern are flat screen TVs and computer screens, which predominantly employ LED backlighting technology. Prolonged exposure to these screens, often spanning hours at a time, intensifies the potential risks associated with blue light. To illustrate this, the spectral distribution of a typical LED-lit flat screen demonstrates the prominent presence of blue light.

Given our increasing reliance on digital devices and the absence of red regenerative frequencies in certain light sources, the impact of blue light on human health and well-being has become a noteworthy topic deserving public attention. Understanding the implications of this imbalance is vital in developing strategies to mitigate the potential adverse effects of blue light exposure in our modern, technology-driven lifestyles.

The peak in the blue frequencies is clearly visible, a disproportionate energy distribution which is never found in natural light. This spectrum also shows an almost complete lack of red light. This artificial light can not only lead to oxidative stress within the eye, which promotes medical conditions such as age-related macular degeneration, it is also likely to disrupt the hormonal balance and therefore promote chronic diseases. Quite a lot of people also suffer from short-lived side effects when working on a screen, such as burning, stinging eyes, eye stain, headaches and unsteadiness of vision. All of this doesn´t have to be the case.

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