Shop Zeelool Nereyda Candy Glasses as Your Fashion Statement Piece

Fashion Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from Neo-Pop Art, the Zeelool designer team launched Nereyda candy glasses, a collection of eyewear designed to convey happiness, hope, and love, as well as a positive attitude toward life. The bright colors and bold style encourage people to go out and experience the beautiful world, Charles Eames said, "Take your pleasures seriously!" and making the mood feel happy is the best investment we can make.

New Pop Art is a Post-Modern art activity started in the 1980s, using modern images that reflect popular culture, with bright colors, vibrant, and a willingness to experiment in order to move away from the minimalist, realist, and dreary tonal styles of the 1970s.

neo-pop art

At the heart of this collection of Zeelool Nereyda candy glasses, bold patterns, colorful textures, and laid-back yet sophisticated shapes showcase a breezy and elegant design philosophy. All the frames in the collection are specially made of high-quality acetate material, which is strong, durable, lightweight, and suitable for all-day wear. Please feel free to wear these candy eyeglasses whenever and wherever you want. Zeelool hopes that every woman can take their pleasure seriously.

What are the features of Zeelool Nereyda candy glasses?

Vibrant and lively colors

High-quality acetate material infused with vibrant colors, bright and unique, lively and enthusiastic, no matter how long you wear them, the colors are just as vibrant as when you first bought them.  

Flexible spring hinges

Zeelool designers used flexible spring hinges to suit all face shapes and to fit people with different lifestyles.

Stylish and elegant cat-eye glasses frames

Cat-eye glasses are usually made with eye-catching oversized frames, and some of them are made with more fashionable small frames for female wearers to choose from. The upturned edges of the frames can be a good way to modify the shape of the face, and the mysteriousness of cat-eye glasses frames can emphasize femininity, which is very popular among women.

Unique color pattern

The colors are randomly arranged. The pair you receive may have a slightly different color than what you see on the website, but it is unique, and the only one, you will love it.

Zeelool Nereyda candy glasses series products:

Nereyda Twizzlers candy glasses

                                                                  Nereyda Twizzlers candy glasses

Nereyda Skittles candy glasses

                                                                  Nereyda Skittles candy glasses

Nereyda Peppermint candy glasses

                                                       Nereyda Peppermint candy glasses

Nereyda  Lollipop candy glasses

                                                              Nereyda  Lollipop candy glasses

Nereyda Bubblegum candy glasses

                                                   Nereyda Bubblegum candy glasses

All the eyeglass frames in the Zeelool Nereyda candy glasses collection are made from high-quality acetate material. With cat-eye design, unique colors, strong, durable, and lightweight, they are perfect for all-day wear and any type of outfit. You can wear these glasses whenever and wherever you want, and Zeelool hopes every customer to have a unique pair of fashionable glasses.