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Why Choose Zeelool

Precise prescription accuracy and quality guarantee is second to none!

Zeelool uses the state-of-the-art lens manufacturing equipment, and the lens lab is staffed by highly trained ophthalmic technicians. The product assembly line includes some of the most fine and exquisite lens design today. If you happen to need a customized eyewear, these digital lenses provide the easiest adaptation and offer a clear visual vision in your eyesight.

When ordered on Zeelool, please carefully check out the model number and colors according to its stock and the information that provide you online first. And then, it performs these quality control checks on the frame in the lab and the selections during filling the order process. All lenses are fitted by experienced optical technicians, with numerous lens accuracy checks throughout the assembly process. Remember that all of the products must pass six steps of quality inspection before shipping. What’s more, the glasses will be checked again as part of the packing and shipping process, only for quality to be extra sure. All the hands-on quality control processes aims that you can receive the highest quality glasses every single time! Zeelool does take pride in that the craft and work had owned the honor that every pair of eyeglasses meets the extremely high standards of its valued customers.

Pioneering shopping websites, like Zeelool, are actively trying to build a new era that fashionable eyewear is cheap and durable. Actually, Zeelool does sell the ultra-trendy, professional prescription quality eyeglasses at a competitive price because of its efficient processes and the lower manage costs.

Unbeatable Online Savings - Here's How Zeelool Does It:

All Zeelool frames and lenses are directly from the manufacturer. By removing the middleman, Zeelool can eliminate unnecessary fees and control the price of exporters, wholesalers, and retailers. It is estimated that the average customer could save over 70% prices by shopping on Zeelool. Besides the shipping delivery process also saves your money. That's because Zeelool ships with country-specific protocols and environmentally friendly materials. HoZeeloolver, these savings are also passed to you.

The Scratch Proof Hard Coating

A scratch-resistant coating is another premium feature that price is normally arranged from $30 to $50 at your local optician. While on Zeelool, it's absolutely FREE. Its scratch proof coating is very durable and applied on both sides of the lens. This coating is excellent in minimizing the small scratches that generally occur in day-to-day wearing.

Zeelool also offers a premium anti-reflective coating that is available for as little as $4.95. It delivers even better glare reduction and durability! The premium anti-reflective coating is ideal for computer user and night driver. This premium coating increases the amount of light through to provide you a brightest, sharpest vision all the time.

Free Box, Screwdriver and Lens Cloth

With your new prescription eyeglasses, you will also receive some FREE accessories. In many orders, it includes a pair of eyeglasses, a screwdriver and a Zeelool microfiber cleaning cloth. This microfiber cloth is to help the glasses keep clean as the first day you received them.

With all of these upgrades, benefits and cost savings, Zeelool have the reason to believe that you will be extremely satisfied with your prescription eyeglass purchases, your money saving shopping. 

Finally, thanks for selecting Zeelool.