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    2. Free shipping is calculated before shipping fees.

    3. Limited to standard shipping.

    4. Automatically apply without coupon code.

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    1. Please select at least two frames, the higher (highest) price will be charged as original price.

    2. "50% off" automatically applies to other frames without coupon code.

    3.Not eligible for frames under US$8.

  • Account
    • 1. Why could I not login into my account?
    • If you had not sign up on Zeelool before, your email address are both your username and password on your order. You can use your email address to login into your account.
    • 2. Can I change my password?
    • Yes, you can reset your password after you have login into your account, or you can contact our Customer Service Center to change your password.
    • 3. Forget the password?
    • If you have never register, then your password would be your email address by default.
      If you have already registered and forget your password, you can click “forgot your password” to reset your password or you can ask our Customer Service Center for help.
      If you want our Customer Service Center to help you reset your password, you can give us a password you want to use and then we help you reset or we can help you reset it and then tell you the new password if you want.
  • Order/General
    • 1. Why did not I get my order confirmation email or shipping notification email?
    • Our emails are sometimes grouped as Ads. You may check your spam folder or trash box to look for the email. Please be sure your email address matches the one on your order. If you still cant find the email, you may contact our Customer Service Center to send you a new email.
    • 2. If I want to change my prescription or address, what should I do?
    • You can call us via customer service telephone is+1 (302) 990-0619. ( Office Hours: Mon.- Sat. 4:30pm - 1:30am next day (PST) ).
      You can chat with us on LiveChat.
      You can also send us an email to support@zeelool.com within 1~2 workdays when you placed your order.
      We will reply you as soon as possible and send the confirmation to you!
    • 3. Is there a way I can try your frames and see which ones fit me best?
    • Of course, you can use the “try on” function on our website to see how your facial appearance looks like.
      (1) If you are using a computer to browse our website now, the “try on” button is on the top left of the product image, click on it and then upload your picture!
      (2) If you are using your smart phone to browse our website now, the “try on” button is on the bottom right of the product image.
    • 4. How to Get a Coupon?
    • If it is your first time shopping on our website, we will offer a $5 coupon for you. We also send promotional email to our customers. What’s more, you can frequently follow our website to check the new special offer. You can be a follower on our Facebook page and this brings you to the house of opportunities and activities.
    • 5. How can I cancel an order I have made?
    • If you put in a wrong prescription, you can contact us and we will change the necessary information for you. You don’t need to cancel your order as a result of wrong information provided.
      If you want to cancel your order, it is an expedient if you contact us to do so.
  • Frames/lens
    • 1. Can I get the frames in a different colour?
    • Our frames usually have more than one colour, so you can choose the colour you like on the extreme bottom-right corner of the frame.
    • 2. What should I do if the frame I prefer is out of stock?
    • You can contact our agent and they will tell you the exact date it will be available. Or click the “Notice Arrival”,to serve you better, you can fill in your email address, and we'll respond promptly.
    • 3. How do I know if the frame size fits me?
    • Different frames are in different sizes. You can find the detail of the sizes above the description. Or you can also use the “Advanced Search” to find the one that best suits you by filling in the frame details:width, lenses height, etc.
    • 4. What are the best frames for my face shape?
    • Generally speaking, you can stick to this one principle that’s the one that contracts with your face shape. If you have a square face, you can choose an oval or round frame, if you have an oval or round face, you can choose a rectangular frame and if you have a heart-shaped face, aviator glasses or wayfarer glasses are your smart choices We have a link for this, please check here.
    • 5. What should I do if the frame doesn’t fit me well?
    • Humbly contact us within the first 30 days after you've received the glasses. Don’t hesitate to contact us if the frame has any problem. We can equally send you a new one or refund back to you your money after the return of the glasses. And we'll humbly suggest to you how to make sure the next frame you get fits you perfectly.
      Tips: We are not responsible for the return postage cost.
    • 6. How to choose the lenses thickness? What is the relationship between lenses thickness and the refractive index?
    • The higher the refractive index, the thinner the lens, the more the light transmittance.
    • 7. I ordered the progressive lenses, why is there only one ADD value on my prescription?
    • The reason behind the only one ADD value progressive glasses is that, it applies to both lenses.
    • 8. How do i add the prescription on my ordered frame?
    • You can place a new order with your prescription, and contact our Customer Service Center. We then can refund the price of the frames and ship the lenses to you.
    • 9. Will the size be biased?
    • The size may have a difference less than 2mm due to the difference of angle and the measuring tool.
    • 10. How do I make sure the frame size is right for me?
    • Choosing a suitable frame size is very important when shopping glasses online.
      You can refer to your previous glasses, check the inner temple arm and there may be some numbers there.
      The first number is lens width, the second is bridge and the third is temple.
      If you don’t find the numbers on the inside of your frame, you can always try measuring it by your hand.
      And then choose frames with same or similar figures.
    • 11. How do I order Readers / Magnification?
    • First and foremost, choose the frames you prefer. Then, click the button " Select Lens" to choose your prescription type as "Readers" and then just select the strength.
    • 12. What frames can be ordered as sunglasses?
    • As for the frames, all of our frames can be ordered as sunglasses, except for some clip-on sets.
      As for the lenses, we’re really sorry to tell you that the progressive lenses can’t be made as sunglasses, while photochromic lenses can.
    • 13. What is the difference between photochromic and Polarized lenses?
    • Photochromic lenses are clear indoors and darken when exposed to sunlight. Polarized lenses are glare-reducing, tinted lenses for sunglasses. Polarized lenses are great for driving, as well as water and snow activities.
    • 14. Can you fill in strong prescriptions?
    • Certainly. The single vision prescription can be made as 1.74 High-Index lenses. The SPH can be made from -20.00 ~ +12.00. You can contact our customer service if you want to know the strong prescriptions in detail.
    • 15. Can you fill in prescriptions with prism corrections?
    • Of course. You can choose “Single Vision” and then choose your Prism Corrections.
    • 16. Can I use my contact lenses prescription to order glasses?
    • We’re very sorry to tell you that a contact lenses Rx only can be used for contact lenses.
    • 17. What if my prescription has expired?
    • We strongly recommend that you get an eye exam every two years, or more frequently if you notice that your vision has changed.
    • 18. What does the Lenses Index numbers mean?
    • The Lens Index number (1.51, 1.59, 1.61, 1.67, or 1.74) refers to the degree of refraction the lens provides. This means how much light that enters the lens is refracted (bent) as it passes through the lens. Lens Index is also related to the thickness of the lens. The higher the index, the thinner the lens will be. People with higher prescriptions should choose high-index lenses.
    • 19. How do I get thinner lenses?
    • The thickness of the lens is related to lens index. We offer lenses with different index. Generally speaking, the higher the indices, the thinner and lighter lens it becomes.
    • 20. How to replace lenses?
    • Check out our How to replace lenses in glasses on the website! We have videos that show how to remove and install the lenses by yourself. 
  • Delivery/Shipping
    • 1. Why is there no update of my package?
    • For the international shipping, it is normal that there might not be timely update of your package therefore please wait patiently. If there is no update of your order over two weeks, please contact Zeelool and the Express Company will track your package.
    • 2. What address will be used for my next purchase?
    • Your shipping address for your next purchase will automatically be the one on your previous order. If you have ever changed your shipping address, this will be your updated address for your next purchase. Please check your shipping address after the purchase of your new order.
    • 3. What’s the scope of your delivery?
    • Our delivery strategy is worldwide. Wherever you want it to be delivered, we can do it for you.
    • 4. How do I track my order?
    • a. Click the ‘Track Order’ button on the top right corner of our website on the computer or click the Three-line button on the top left corner on the phone. And fill in your order number or shipment number when your glasses have been shipped out.
      b. Login into your own account and you will see the status of your order and its details.
      c. Send an email to support@zeelool.com (Customer Service Department) or contact our online customer service if you can’t track your order via the above methods.
    • 5. How do you handle shipping delays?
    • Generally speaking, the express is very convenient, fast and stable, making sure that you get your shipped items on time. We kindly remind you to enter your shipping address correctly. Shipping delay occurs for unpredictable reasons, such as weather, customs safety inspection etc. Please don' t worry, you are in hands.
      We are solely responsible for logistics problems in the course of duty and won' t let you bear the loss.
      If your order has no shipping tracking information updated for any reason, please feel free to contact us. Worry not we will check it for you.
      If your order is confirmed to be lost (ensure that the tracking information shows ‘delivered’, the shipping address is correct, and you have contacted with local courier and got no news.) We will give you a new one according to your prescription and deliver it freely to you.
    • 6. Do you offer free shipping?
    • Yes. We offer free shipping worldwide on condition that your order is over $69.
  • Prescriptions
    • 1. Can you help me to confirm that my order is the same as the my Rx?
    • Of course. You need to send us an email that includes your Rx, your order information and your contact information, and we will reply you in 24 hours.
    • 2. May I save my prescription so I do not need to input it again for next order?
    • Of course. You just need to login into your account and your prescription will be kept automatically after you place your first order.
    • 3. The ADD of progressive just have one side, but I need both sides?
    • Our progressive glasses just display one side, because in general the ADD of both eyes should be the same. So you can only see one ADD when you place your order. In fact, both eyes will have the ADD after we have made them.
  • Returns/Refund
    • 1. What's the Return Policy?
    • Zeelool endeavors to offer high-quality, super affordable and classic trending glasses for you. It will go through five times of strict quality inspection before handing to you to ensure that you get a satisfactory product. However something unexpected may happen, which will lead to the defect on your glasses. Please feel free to contact the customer service center, we will and be certain to deal with it appropriately to give you a pleasant purchasing experience. 
    • I. If you receive a defective glasses(excluding caused by accident, improper treatment) within 90 days receipt of shipment. Please contact Zeelool Customer Service Center in time to request for a replacement. This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear to the frames, lenses, or coatings. We will give you the discount coupon to buy another glasses on our website beyond 90 days receipt of shipment.
      II. You have thirty (30) days from the date you receive the glasses to contact us if you want to refund or return them for any reason. Please refer to the specific terms for the detailed return privileges and refund policy.
    • 2. How to Return Your Glasses:
    • Several simply instructions as follows:
      Contact zeelool via e-mail at support@zeelool.com within 30 days of receiving your eyeglasses. All Returns must be returned in their unworn, original condition. 

      Package your glasses securely and leave a note include your name, order number, e-mail box used when you placed the order and a brief note describe the returning reason of the glasses; or a copy of the prescription as well as PD that you received from doctor, so that Zeelool can inspect the glasses.
      Zeelool would feel sorry if your glasses were getting lost during the shipment. Therefore, shipping your return by a traceable method is recommended.
      Tips: we are NOT responsible for the return postage, so you need to bear the postage by yourself.
    • 3. What if my order information is wrong?
    • You can change your order information within 36 hours after your placing order. After 36 hours, you need to contact zeelool via e-mail support@zeelool.com to determine whether the product has been shipped, if it's not sent out , we could help you change the order information, if it's sent out, you should be responsible for the wrong order.
  • Payments
    • 1. If my coupon in my order was not used, what should I do?
    • We can refund the coupon amount to your account within 24hr after the placement of your order.
    • 2. Can I get a discount if I don’t want the free gifts?
    • We humbly say no. The free gifts are just our best wishes, and the most important thing we desire to see is that you are satisfied with our products.
    • 3. Can you accept eye/vision insurance?
    • The way you can pay for your order is through PayPal or Credit/Debit Card and if you have Visa or Master card, you can also pay for your order.