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Think of a person that is shy but totally in love with the new glasses! Thank you zeelool!

Purchased these frames cause I got tired of paying outrageous amounts for glasses and prescription. Saw these and fell in love with them . My optometrist was able to fit them to me and place my RX in them . Styling on a budget !

Love love love! Very sexy, and classy. I get so many comments on them threw out the day. For medium to small face frame. Not to big on my face, they a perfectThey do not hurt my eyes and I wear them all day at work.

I just received the glasses and they look just like the picture! I just wear them for fun but so far, they have been awesome and i have received compliments wearing them. Very cute as well!

These are fantastic! I had no idea how good they would look until I actually tried them on and was delighted to find that they fit me perfectly! I plan on getting the lenses traded with my prescription so that I can actually have a functional reason to wear them since they're so cute! So happy with my purchase.

they fit with my face so good, they're classy and casual, I loved them! You can look vintage and nerdy, it's a combination that I love! I'd totally recommend this glasses, so worth it, they’re lightweight!

These are surprisingly durable and cute. My perescription fit into them perfectly and I would definitely consider purchasing again from this website.

These glasses are so cute and retro, comfortable and easy to wear lightweight and the material feels nice. And compliments any face type. the glasses are good, would buy again.

Love these glasses. I get sooooo many compliments on them.

Love my cat eyes

Great delivery service & even better prescription glasses. Thanks Zeelool! You have a return customer here :)

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