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Aug 30 ,2019

Enter Autumn wearing a fresh taste with brimming comfort

Big news! There’s a new collection of Autumn on Zeelool and we are excited to share them with you.

Nowadays vision issues are at peak and so, most of us are seeking a pair of premium quality prescription eyeglasses for our precious vision.

But what we should choose a perfect one balancing comfort and style. You shouldn’t miss our new TR-90 collection.




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For those dying for toughness, flexibility and long-lasting eyewear, then there could be no any better option than the modern

TR-90 material frame. 



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Do you want to get a pair of prescription glasses to correct the vision? A pair of glasses that is lightweight and hard to break.

 You have a choice of vast collection and colors to select and make the latest style statement.




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Being an extremely durable material, TR-90 is renowned as unusually flexible and lightweight, providing a very comfortable fit.

There is great color depth and much less fading with exposure to sunlight. 




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