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Jan 18 ,2019

Living Coral


Pantone, the self-proclaimed global authority on color, has declared "Living Coral" is the color of the year for 2019. Let’s move on from the mysteries of the cosmos and dive deep into the ocean.
Being fashionistas, there must be many elements of living coral in your wardrobe, but how to pick those beauties? The followings are some suggestions for you!!!

Face is the most prominent part for anybody. Let’s add a pair of living coral glasses to show your unique personality, and white, the simple color, is the best partner.



In other way, you can also wear the living coral from head to toe. Let your style lead the way, which can get an amazing effect, “Wow”.



If you already have many gorgeous living coral garments in your house, and you want to be a litte low-key, just pick some glasses as follow:



Are you looking for the perfect glasses that pair with your living coral suit and flatter your OL style? Are you seeking for the proper eyewear that can accentuate your fashion taste and seductiveness flawlessly. The slim lightweight titanium glasses will undoubtedly become your priority. 



Equip yourself with a pair of clear frame with living coral temples, which is indeed the one for those who pursue fashion but want to maintain a low profile. Surprise!!! Give you a chance to be different!!!




In daily matching, white glasses perk up your outfits with living coral, and this look is perfect for any occasion!!!




Eyewear is an interesting accessory, even if you own good eyesight, I recommend playing with some non-prescription ones, which not only modify your face shape, but also shine your outfits!



Love you all--Alisa

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