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Jun 20 ,2019

5 In 1 Magnetic Clip-On Glasses

Clip-on glasses 


   A few years ago it was exact that clip on sunglasses  were neither cool, nor stylish. They were often criticized for their limited choices they provided both lens color and frame shape. This point alone was enough to crash their cool stocks value to below zero.

  Noticeably, these glasses made their debut in the 1940’s in the U.S when they were regarded as practical accessories that provided a solution to a vision problem.


  Now here we come eyeglasses with four magnetic clip on shades including polarized sunglasses lenses, night-vision lenses and two other color sunglasses lenses that will fulfill your expectation and requirement of both vision correction and vision protection.



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Such a pair of eyeglasses is definitely going to win vote among those who suffer from vision trouble but feel like having a go at taking on a fashion look.



 Shop now                                                                                                                                          Shop now


Why we need night-vision and polarized lenses:

A recent study of Americans 18+ with vision correction, found that all of them had experienced some type of issue while driving at night. The most common problems they reported were: feeling uncomfortable driving at night, being blinded by glare, experienced light sensitivity, saw halos, experienced blurred distance vision and had trouble seeing signs and judging distances. There is no doubt that driving at night can be dangerous and almost 50% of all fatal car crashes happen at night and some are the result of poor night vision. The solution is a pair of anti glare glasses that keep your vision clear and haze-free during driving at night.

High definition polarized sunglasses help to restore true color and eliminate reflected and scattered glares at the same time. They are the perfect choices for outdoors activities. 


 Why we choose this 5 in 1 clip on glasses?

Crafted from premium quality TR material, they will bring you comfortable wearing experience and ensure its long lifetime. Come with a portable case, it will be your necessity part definitely. 


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